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I don't know how

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In a Sunday Scholl class of grade 3:

A little boy comes to me and wants to have a little private

Brian : You know something? I’ve been waiting
and waiting, but my prayers just don’t seem to be getting answered.

Erick : Now you telling me, you do prayer?

Brian : Of course I do, what do you expect me? Am I
having no single wish in my life or what?

Erick : Brian, everyone must have something that he
or she needed, and they asked it to God, in hoping that God will hear their
prayer. But let’s open your Bible 1st John 5: 14-15

Brian : Will it makes any different if I asked
something without knowing His will on that matter? May be it is His will, may
be not, I do not know!

Erick : Yes of course you must know what His
will is.

Brian : Uhg, …, Yeah…. Yes, I know.

Erick : Tell me please,

Brian : Engh…. Well, doesn’t it something good,
it must be…..,

Erick : It’s a plan to prosper human, and not
to harm his people, and a bright hope for their future.

Brian : My prayers are good. They are not for
bad reason.

Erick : In that case, let God be God, you just
follow him.

Brian : Don’t you want to know, or wonder what I
have asked God?

Erick : No, if it confidential.

Brian : I want God give me a sister.

Erick : (I shook my head….,). So Brian, You
better let your mom knows about this little problem of yours.

Brian : I do not know how!










Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)

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ha ha ha...

honestly... I really shock after reading this blog... it's so funny you know... but.... yah, itulah mungkin jeritan hati anak kelas 2 SD... ^_^ "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"