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It’s not my kind of a movie to spend this weekend with. The beginning is too gloomy that I often couldn’t finish it after feeling so depressed watching the first parts. But it’s changed today. The realities of pain have truly made the whole story so beautiful that I felt like I will never get to see anything more beautiful than that ever again…

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Aragorn, And You Are...?

Kuis...kuis... (please ya, bukan kue...), siapa mau ikut? Ini ada kuis iseng yang meminjam karakter Lord of The Ring untuk mendefinisikan seperti karakter siapakah kita di film LOTR menurut kita. Buat yang tertarik silahkan klik saja link ini dan ikuti sampai selesai. I am scored as Aragorn, what about you?

My result: You scored as Aragorn, You're Aragorn! This ranger from the north is the personification of bravery. He always thinks of others before himself, and, though he becomes King of Gondor, he is not one to crave attention. "I would have gone with you to the end. Into the very fires of Mordor."

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"Please cross the line..."

"...if you have ever felt alone."

"Please cross the line if you have family members suffering from addiction..."

"Please cross the line if you have ever been hit or beaten up by your loved ones..."

Those were just a few questions thrown in during a session in Monroe High School in USA as broadcasted by Oprah Winfrey show that day, themed Breaking Down Barriers. It was one of the most moving events I have ever seen throughout the whole Oprah's sessions so far. I was freezed for about an hour to see the power of forgiveness, love and reconciliation as demonstrated heartfully by the students in that high school.