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Learning for Good

Jeriel Charis's picture

Currently, I am observing how I have been developing new skills in my life.
Sadly but true, it turns out that I am not a keen learner.

I asked myself following questions: When was the last time I master any new computer program? When was the last time I master new stroke in swimming?
What new language I started learning after English?
How updated am I in the trends like Friendster, Skype, etc…?
How updated am I with the new trends in the mobile technology which is my industry?

Well, answering those questions made me feel sick bout myself.Cry What a pity! Just realized that the last computer program I mastered is MS power point that I started to learn back in 7 years ago.. wow…!!!, Okay, better not to continue discussing bout it…

But yup, I need to make a resolution on learning for good if I want to be on the leadership edge …. Wink. Yup, we need to keep learning.
So, this is what I am going to do . . .

My Learning Wish

Mandarin . . ., everyone is gearing to it
New swimming stroke and diving …., hurray, enjoying the peace in underwater
New technology: Wi-MAX, LTE, IP Multimedia…
Mastering speed reading: in order to grasp information quicker
Updated on what’s happening in my industry
How to confront people effectively/conflict resolution. . .

Well, even though the list is not long enough, but it is quite "heavy".
So, need to break it down then and assigned a timeline for each, using MS project if required he… :p

how bout you?

Yup, let’s move on. Better late than never… Smile