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To my dear friends around the world

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Dear my friends in Indonesia,

Dear my friends in Malaysia,

Dear my friends around the world,

How do you do?

I hope everything is fine with you

Now war of nation against nation had been long over. Except one case in Middle East, for which we wondering why is it still happening.

My dear  friends, let us be grateful, for what we have now.

The peace of the world comes from understanding among the nations makes us all around the world live happily, prosperous and safe

What a wonderful world we are living in!

Thanks God for it.

Let us be thankful to our leaders for being united in making the world a better place to live. Let us salute them! 

My friends, I understand that while we are living on this beautiful and harmony Earth, there are many of us still live domestically in fear and poverty.

My friends, if only I have the capacity to say a word of advise to you, then this is the summary of what I want to say to you: "No matter how bad our situation is, let us strive to do good to others. For this is what we all need to make our own life even better. Do remember the butterfly effect phenomenon and the golden rule that we have been taught  since the early of our life. Let goodness gives birth to goodness lest evil spreads like cancer" 

My friends around the world, let me feel the comfort send by your goodness that thousands of miles from my home.

Thank you


"Aku yakin dengan sepenuhnya bahawa Berita Baik itu kuasa Allah yang menyelamatkan semua orang yang percaya kepada Yesus, mula-mula orang Yahudi, dan juga orang bukan Yahudi" - Roma 1: 16