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May I once again find His face

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Good morning ! At this point of time, my laptop watch shows 4:06 A.M., Malaysian time. I hope everybody will be having a good day today. A good beginning, let it has a good ending.

I am a bit surprised the moment I opened my blog page, only to find my last blog disappeared. Instantly, the idea of breaching the policy came into my mind. That lead me to  immediately looked for my private massage but nothing is there to explain. Subsequently, I quickly logged into my e-mail account but again I was disappointed.

A few months ago, there was one blog of mine that was removed by the concerned person with notice (message) citing the reason for it to be removed. It was a good reminder, actually, and it was ok to me. But this time there is no notice or PM to explain on why my last blog disappered. Because of this, I am wondering as to what is happening here. If there is no notice from the admin or the core user, could it be that a hacker has somehow managed to logged into my account and removed my last blog? I will never know until the admin or core user confirm it. 

Let us forget about it for the time being.  Yesterday was a bad day to me. Everything I planned went wrong. In facing this challenge, where can I find the strength? Is it from the positive mental or from God? I do not know. But as long as I live, I wil do what human should do. May God do what He should do. May God directs my step  and enlights my mind. May God protect me and may His favor be with me. May I once again find His face. 



"Aku yakin dengan sepenuhnya bahawa Berita Baik itu kuasa Allah yang menyelamatkan semua orang yang percaya kepada Yesus, mula-mula orang Yahudi, dan juga orang bukan Yahudi" - Roma 1: 16