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Rya A. Dede's picture


Last night, when I was sleeping

I heard a song, a very nice song
A new song that I never heard before
But I felt like I've ever heard
A very long time ago

And this morning when I told my friend
She said it's angel song
And I should be happy to hear it
Though it's only in my dream
But she said it's true

Angel song with the lyric I don't know
Angel song with the sound like piano and tambourine
Angel song from a place that I can't see
Is it really angel song?

clara_anita's picture

Sing me the song I long to

Sing me the song I long to hear..

I beg .... my dear FATHER

Quench my thirst for that angelic melody

tenderly soothe my soul like a lulaby


It took me so long

Just to get that enlightment

the song I always long

is already there at each and every moment


It is in the voices of the children

It is in the sounds of the bussy street

It is just the melody of the heaven

roaming the humble earth










iik j's picture

@Rya: Kalo di rumahku kok lain...

He he... bagus

tapi di rumahku laen.. bunyinya jangkrik dan burung hantu mbak... habisnya deket jurang sih tinggalnya... gelap, sepi...  trus tetanggaku udah pada tua semua jadi kalo ada suara lain.. kali aku malah takut... he he ...


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