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Double Esspresso - Keira Board List "The Most"

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What things in life you like most?

I know u never make a list. But try to think of it, think about the life items, and what? What appears in your mind? No private one, not a person, just what the world has. Things in this world gives to u, without u asked for it. It just naturally stick and stay in your life?
Its not like u have to pick one thing that u cannot live without. Just pick one that u cannot understand why, but u just love to see or to hear or to have or to do...
A cup of coffee with a newspaper in the morning?
Mom's Cook?
Smell of the baby?


Dog? Guk!

The Most Fun Gank?
Serials, TV show, Snack and soda for soccer perfect night?
Books, books store?
Free Coupon, free goody bag?
Manhattan Life?
Or may be Harry Potter?
Definitely, Grey's Anatomy?
Or John 3:16
Redang Island?
Sport Shoes?
or, may be an engagement ring?

The last one is, the most i like.


Ecclesiates 3:11 God makes everything happen at the right time. Yet none of us can ever fully understand all he has done, and he puts questions in our minds about the past and the future.

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@minmerry: Definitely...

It's definitely "smell of the baby".... Laughing

Kira-kira sebulan lagi ada keluarga dekat mau melahirkan min. Hasil USG katanya it's a baby girl! Aduhh, nggak terasa udah 11 tahun lalu terakhir nimang-nimang bolo saya. Rumahnya lumayan deket. Udah siap-siap strategi untuk "menculik" si little princess. Order-order moto biar tak pending. Ben. Yang penting mau hepi-hepi dulu....(sepeda, siap..., tas gendongan bayi, masih ada.., diapers, bisa dibeli.., ok, sip, sip..) Tongue out


PS: Inilah "efek samping" seorang suami yang bojonya nggak mau punya anak lagi... Smile


(...shema'an qoli, adonai...)