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Where We Are… : 5. 28 June 2010

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Welcome to my journal, which aku menghilang for almost two week, (last part of session)


28 June. Seremban to Singapore.

Cepat, segalanya berjalan cepat. Untukku saat ini. Untuk saat ini.

Pagi ini, kami, akan meninggalkan seremban, tiba di Woodsland-Singapore sore hari.

Tidak membawa bekal makanan apapun, starved for long hours. Slept for 2 hours in the train.

Jeritan anak kecil membangunkanku. Kesal luar biasa.

Setelahnya, dia, anak kecil itu yang tidur dengan manisnya. Pengen menjewer. Tidak ku lakukan. Bukan ga tega, takut di hajar mommynya. Hehe.

Read my new books from Grogran’s. NICE.

6 hours in train, may be more. Tired.

Aha. Ada feeling the train ada yang bikin ga nyaman. Then rupanya, the cable korslet dan asap masuk ke gerbong penumpang. Scary. Train diberhentikan.

And THANK GOD, everything was just fine. Bahkan kita hanya menunggu sekitar 7 menit. WOW!

But after that, no aircon.

Not complain. Not at all.



Sangat worry.

Passed easily.

After had a conversation about how I look. Yeah, u know that.

Use a taxi (COULDN’t walk anymore, apalagi dengan bagasi sekitar 60 KG!!!) to Trinity.

Arrived safely.


Met Michael Lee. He brought us to our new hostel.




And opened the door….


Here we are now.






Everywhere I go all the places that I’ve been

Every smile is a new horizon on a land I’ve never seen

There are people around the world –

different faces different names

But there’s one true emotion that reminds me we’re the same…

Let’s talk about love







Here we are now.


Me, sitting here, on the very first of July 2010. Remembering all these view days, and write it down.

I dunno how it looks, but me, when sitting here, in the new city, in the night, is a picture of me, enjoying my words. Here I am. And i just realize how much i love him.

Good day, everyone... Jesus loves you.





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